🔴 DMSO 🌳 with CBD 🌿 Oil 🧴 Dimethyl Sulfoxide with Cannabidiol uses and benefits.

Devin Lockett explains the process and benefits of combining CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) with DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) for the treatment of everything from muscle and joint pain, anxiety, فشار, and depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, and many more conditions.

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21 thoughts on “🔴 DMSO 🌳 with CBD 🌿 Oil 🧴 Dimethyl Sulfoxide with Cannabidiol uses and benefits.

  1. If you mix dmso with activated thc (like distillate) and rub it on your skin you will get a high like an edible, but it hits you WAAAAY faster. like 10 mins vs 90 mins!!

  2. Great way of enhancing uptake of CBD. Just be careful: DMSO is a strong solvent that dissolves most plastics and many other materials and brings them into your body. (You don't want plastics in your bloodstream!) Glass and stainless steel is ok. Always use a glass cup and stainless steel spoon. Also the skin needs to be clean (no perfumes, oils or cosmetics that might be harmful if absorbed).

  3. Hi thank you for sharing, I’ve been doing the dmso and cbd oil sublingual but what strength do you recommend for the dmso or are you using it full concentration with no dilution ?

  4. I have arthritis on my shoulder, how many drops of DMSO would i use to rub on my shoulder? And what would I mix it with? Also, how many drops did you use for this video w the CBD? Thanks in advance, great video!!

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