16 thoughts on “Run From the CureThe Rick Simpson StoryCBD Hemp Oil (Full Length Documentary)”

  1. Cbd has changed my life I have panic attacks and anxiety I also think I have ibs but too embarrassed to be diagnosed and it has helped immensely o feel better than ever however the dispensaries here in Colorado are a ripoff its much cheaper to buy online without a medical card and people on the local news claimed they moved here just to get it makes no sense when its legal in all 50 states anyone can order tincture google it

  2. I had wanted to get off of Zyprexa for a long time but didn't know how to replace it naturally and effectively. When I was beginning to talk fast and not sleep a friend let me try CBD assuring me it doesn't show up on a drug test. I slept that night when I didn't expect to sleep for at least two more nights. CBD along with lithiuim and zinc orotate have made it so I don't have to be on pharmaceuticals and still have a normal life with bipolar and so called ADD. Mahalo for nature always having what we truly need.

  3. They sent my father home in August of 2014, saying to contact Hospice. I found this video then, or something like it. Massachusetts had just legalized medical marijuana but it wasn't yet grown. We had to scramble to get together a few ounces and we made this oil. He lived another 2 years, more than a year and a half able to actually go about to the point that most people didn't know he had cancer.

  4. Yes it truly is so good for many problemsHelped my dad live a extra year, wish he took it earlier, proberly would of helped him more.. Please believe this people !!

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